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Over time, Guglielmino has established agreements with the major Sicilian and Italian research institutes to support undergraduate and graduate students in their course of study. In particular, he carried out "added laboratory" activities to test new natural materials.


Here are some thesis titles followed:


• 2016: New ELF electromagnetic fields shielding materials for building applications.

Thesis student Liliana Leocata (DICAR Catania).


• 2017: Fara Dya - prototype construction with raw earth blocks.

Thesis students Anna Duval, Laetitia Franchi, Mathilde Hannin (Politecnico di Milano).


• 2018: Millegradi - masterplan-requalification of a disused industrial agglomeration.

Thesis students Daniele Olimpieri, Maria Pia Lombardo, Miriana Riillo (Polytechnic of Milan).


• 2018: Mechanical behavior of raw earth-based composite materials.

Thesis expert Martina Maria Grazioso (DICAR Catania).


• 2018: Building with hemp - Thermal and energy analysis of the lime-hemp biocomposite.

Undergraduates Alessandro Pace, Andrea Sciuto (SDS Siracusa).


• 2018: Use of cocciopesto for the restoration of flooring in sites of archaeological interest. Graduate student Luigi Cipolletta (CDL Building Engineering, University of Naples "Federico II"). • 2018: The use of hemp in green building from sowing to "biomattone". Graduate student Sara Clarissa Di Bella (CDL in planning and protection of the territory and landscape, faculty of agriculture, food and environment). • 2019: Design of a housing module in wood and straw. Thesis students Celeste Sgarlato, Giovanni Grimaldi (DICAR Catania). • 2019: Raw earth stabilized with basalt fibers - comparison of performance as the nature of the fibers changes. Student Michele La Noce (DICAR Catania). • 2019/2020: New use and reuse of natural materials - high-performance technological solutions for raw earth buildings. PhD student Ing. Giada Giuffrida (DICAR Catania).‚Äč

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